Muskingum Area Real Estate Investors Association

Who We Are

Welcome to MAREIA, home of the Muskingum Area Real Estate Investors Association! MAREIA represents a group of Real Estate investors who strive for success through continuing education and expanding their knowledge in the field of Real Estate. Our current market offers a great deal of challenge and opportunity. MAREIA is an avenue for a local Investor to share knowledge and brainstorm new ideas. It allows one to network with others just like him/her and to get ideas to help him/her overcome challenge and take advantage of opportunity that can arrive at the most unexpected times.

MAREIA is an association that also fights harmful legislation to Real Estate Investors. The threat of harmful legislation to Real Estate Investors is becoming more evident as municipalities struggle to balance budgets and look to find creative ways to increase tax revenue. We are also in a time that the rules are changing in the real estate industry due to unethical decisions that were made in the past in most facets of the Real Estate industry. Although MAREIA operates on a strong ethical standard in the Real Estate Industry, it does not support legislation that restricts Real Estate Investors in an unfair and unreasonable manner. Now is a time more important than ever for a Real Estate Investor to join and support an association like ours. Your contribution will allow our association to fight for you to limit the risk of bad legislation in your business today or the even in the business that you plan to grow in the future. View the legislative update to view just a few of the bad pieces of legislation that could have a substantial affect on our businesses today.

Overall, this association is here provide Muskingum County Real Estate Investors with the means to obtain the necessary knowledge and relationships to grow a successful business that will provide quality affordable housing in the Muskingum County Area. Thanks for visiting our website and we hope to see you at our next meeting!